Enserve is leader in Southern Africa in valve reconditioning services, which includes the repair of manual, safety, actuated and control valves.

Our quality work is carried out at certified repair centres countrywide, as well as on site and in-situ, based on our customers’ needs. We are committed to ensuring that our customers achieve optimum mean time between failure (MTBF), and minimising the total cost of ownership. We offer a comprehensive valve management service that includes:

Control Valve Repair:
Enserve reconditions a number of control brands including Fisher Masonelian, Valtech, Neles, Samson, ARI and Mitech. We also carry a large inventory of peripheral components, including complete actuators, which can be swapped-out to reduce downtime.

Enserve has evergreen control valve repair contracts with Sasol Infrachem and Tutuka Power Station.

Control valve repairs are carried out at our repair centres in Sasolburg and Tutuka.

For more information on our control valve reconditioning services please call Tommy Boucher at +27 (82) 651 6370 or email him at tommy@enserve.co.za


Safety Valve Repair;
Enserve has been reconditioning safety and pressure relief valves for over 15 years. We pride ourselves in our ability to recertify valves in accordance with the latest international standards. We offer an on-site, as well as workshop repair – on-site generally being the preferred option as less transport and handling is involved. We are qualified to recondition all major valve brands including Consolidated, Anderson and Greenwood, Sempell and ARI.

Our repair centres in Sasolburg, Evander and Durban are equipped and certified to carry out safety valve repairs and recertification.

Enserve currently has safety valve repair contracts with Natref, Engen refinery, Sapref refinery and Sasol Infrachem.

For more information on our safety valve reconditioning service please call Tommy Boucher at +27 (82) 651 6370 or email him at tommy@enserve.co.za
Manual Valve Reconditioning:
Enserve has been in the manual valve reconditioning business since 1993. Today we recondition a broad spectrum of valves including gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly valves for industries across Africa. Using leading edge technology we repair most components, using laser-powered microwelding technology.

All aspects of the repair are carried out in-house, from stripping and sandblasting to machining, assembly and testing.

We are the preferred reconditioner in South Africa for a range of hazardous duty valves including hydrochloric acid (HF), chlorine and ammonia service valves. We also prepare valves for oxygen service on a regular basis.

For more information on our control valve reconditioning service, please call Gary Le Roux on +27 (82) 335 8774 or email him at gary@enserve.co.za